aquari - Familienbad und Sauna
Hohenstraße 18
78183 Hüfingen
+49 771 / 8976295
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10 Jahre Familienfreizeitbad aquari

aquari - Indoorpool and Sauna                  

Fun, action and wellness

Experience the diversity, joy and fascination of the element water and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and wellbeing.

Several swimming pools, an exciting 52m slide with a flow channel and generous sauna facilities are waiting to be discovered by you.

We offer you revitalised Grander water. Active and energetic. Feel the sensation of water and life.

All of your creature comforts are also taken care of. In the pool’s beach café delicious meals, small snacks and refreshing drinks are available.

We would like to help you on your way to wellness and relaxation.

  • Stadt Hüfingen
  • Hauptstraße 18
  • 78183 Hüfingen
  • Phone: 0771 6009-0